About us

A great company dedicated to plumbing, bath, heating of the House in the heart of the Aosta Valley, 70 km from Martigny and 40 from Chamonix you will discover the largest retailer of plumbing, heating and bathroom units in the region. The company was established in Aymavilles (Aosta Valley), and then opens a branch in Verrès to offer new commercial lines and more assistance to the many customers of the lower Valley and the nearby Piedmont region. Great professionalism and fair value for money is what is offered to clients who choose the I. T. S (Hydro Thermo sanitary) J, to find an answer to the needs that arise from the desire to make your home more beautiful. The need to furnish a bathroom, buy bathroom accessories and sanitary ware. At home we are in our world, where we can think about our Club, breathe deeply and relax. This is especially true for the bathroom, the most intimate place in the House. Take a warm bath or a relaxing shower. In the morning, start your day with a good mood enjoying the beauty of your bathroom. In your bathroom tub or shower? Both of you, even if you have only one bathroom. There are showers that can be placed above a tub, closed by a splash box, with all the comforts of the tub with jets of various type and intensity. Some models also offer combined treatments of hydrotherapy, Chromotherapy, ozone therapy and music therapy, with play of lights and relaxing music that echo the sounds of nature. If you want the best on the tank can be placed a box that closes completely and offer more comfort as possible, as the seat, foot massage, cervical and lumbar jets, and Sauna. We have Finnish saunas in great demand in Northern Italy, both fully equipped two-both group, saunas. The availability of an extensive selection is important when choosing any particular intended to beautify your home, bathroom, Aosta Valley and beyond! In today's society, the concept of well-being has assumed significant proportions thanks to a new way of conceiving the centrality of man in relation to living spaces. The result is a different culture tied to a better quality of life and greater optimization of space, without renouncing to a image design with a strong emotional impact. To the many services offered with great professionalism you add quotes and any deliveries, opportunities far from negligible from customers that, in addition to competence courtesy calls. A latest figure which is also important for those who are required to better manage their time, time of day of sale. T.s., open Monday to Friday 8.00-12.00/14.00-18.30 and Saturdays 08.00-12.00. For an appointment please contact the following number of responsible "abroad", Yuri J + 39.335.7062115. A way to offer customers more time to be served with the utmost seriousness and professionalism.