Technical Assistance

As from January 2009 pre ignition control named "FIRST POWER" (for all pellet stoves and/or heating systems) Is a fee charged to the user and can only be performed by a ² authorized Technical Assistance Center (CAT). First ignition is not mandatory, but it is generally recommended and strongly recommended when installation is not managed by a professional technician or by a heating technician. The technicians of authorized service centers are required to notify the user before quitting that this operation Is paid, then the responsibility of the user, informing the user how to get the good functioning of the product and how to perform proper maintenance, release regular receipt and intervention Report. The operation Is to be carried out at discounted rates as provided by the manufacturer.

The warranty period shall commence on the date of delivery of the product, as indicated on the invoice that must be preserved throughout the period.

The warranty has a duration of 2 years and may ² decay for several reasons: 1. installation not up to standard (Uni 10683 and Uni En 1443); 2. misuse of the stove (IE. use fuel is not appropriate) 3. Failure to maintain the stove (at your expense) to be carried out within 1 year of purchase, operation to have carried out at an authorized service center (the above applies for all types of stove; but it Is imperative for all boilers, pellet stoves, cookers and stoves with oven for all heating systems; remains optional for the stoves no oven). 4. Failure to maintain the smoke ventilation system and where this failure to verify and/or maintenance of the water system to which it is attached the product (heating systems).

The warranty covers any parts and labor required to replace them;

The adjustments or explanation of how the warranty does not cover installation.

Installer should always be performed by authorized personnel (D.M. 37/08) that, in the cases provided for, will issue you a "Declaration of conformity of the system to the workmanlike manner" in accordance with the regulations and the consequent good functioning of the product installed. Example of skilled persons:

  • Technicians of authorized service centers;
  • Technicians and associate companies Anfus (National Association of stove fitting);
  • Technicians belonging to the Fuspa national school curricula;
  • Technicians of your confidence of your area (Thermo-enabled).

Technical assistance center to adapt the service on the basis of the new products and legislation always easily ¹ binding the network of technical assistance centers (CAT) Is constantly updated, so for an always up-to-date the contact zone with jurisdiction over the place where CAT Is operating your product, please contact our customer service department.